Forget on waking everything
Forget the dreams
Faith in tomorrow
Forget desire
And motivation
Last week’s vacation
Forget family
If you have any
Forget the things
That surround
Provide set dimensions

In this new life
This new day forget it all
As the pull of a current
Far out to a nowhere
Forgotten in this
moment of waking.

History is how many years ago?
when I was five, sure
older seems to others old.
Who decides if I lived through history?
if we are presently historic
in some proportions, and
Who decides when?
a moth my cat can’t catch
now history
a 4-year-old secluded
Kennedy died
a 4-year-old rushed to hospital
Beirut again Beirut
To think there is control
or logic in it
An accident, a bureaucratic
Broken leg still limping
an historic fall.