Bureaucracy of Garden

To have walked over
ground continuously
Trod, they used to muse
which makes it sound heavy
akin to Trudge, cousin to
Drudge or a more active
And I think for me gardening
is an aristocratic English affair
all sight, no sound
peaked interest, nothing profound
Just flowers there
by someone else’s keeping.

3 thoughts on “Bureaucracy of Garden

  1. I think you’re on to something here: Wordsworth, naturebuff extraordinaire, “believed that it took education, social station, and a long course of training to instill a taste for barren rocks and mountains. He opposed the construction of a railway to the Lake District on the grounds that it would flood the area with the urban poor, who could derive no good from immediate access to the lakes. Instead they should practice with Sunday excursions into nearby fields.” (Rubert Sheldrake quoting someone else on Wordsworth from his book “The Rebirth of Nature”.) Basically, completely off key in terms of the once-upon and now once-again – I am hoping here actually – nature-consciousness that is beginning to take root.

    • How interesting. I’ll have to look up that Sheldrake reference. I think the only way to get some genuine nature consciousness is to be honest about it all. Nature can be a pain as well as pleasure and fulfilling. It isn’t uncomplicated though. Nothing to be approached through dogma, I’m thinking.

      • Very true. Complicating it by “education, social station, and a long course of training” is just textbook elitism. Looked it up: “Man and the Natural World: Changing Attitudes in England 1500-1800” by Keith Thomas. That particular quote is from page 266.

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