does the eagle consider the egret
a delicate creature perching
in high branches?
does the egret see more than a threat
in the soaring of same? or all being beyond comprehension
are they indifferent:
one not fat mammal
the other not crunchy frog?

july 28, 2019
Gays Mills


a walk in the woods
too hazardous with ticks
and a perfect politics
in this hard modern world

then a dream of meeting
his family of so many
and a room for us in the back
so civilized and welcome

then a walk around the grounds
to familiarize myself
not a thought of dangers
no tracing wind.


It seemed a pretentious journal
Long in the tooth, satisfied
But poems were there
That drew me

My email was curt
Your pages don’t work,
The online subscription

Their reply, equally forced
Noting a homepage link
Press a button,
Clearly there

And my reply, their direction
Sends me in circles
And never
An ever-loving form to fill

Now, with usual frustrations
My temperament is cool
But this exchange befits
How lost poetry has become.