My love
is tougher

than gravity is long
wider than

sky-wise wing spans
expander beyond

powdered horizons
off the edge

of this fearful
pine-tarred earth

falling faller
fallen in love.

October 17,2018

Birds flocking
as if practicing
to see who leads
who can keep up
be right with the group.
They chatter directions
as a swarm and curl
outside my window
above my cowering head
I learn about moving
to erupt
my places
to unfurl
before the snow

Finally, a poem

It was when she left him
Finally, I knew right from wrong
Up and down made sense
In and out began a comfort
For me, my sisters who came before
Trying to make sense of confusing signals
Showing me the way as possible
In an impossible situation.

And now the bifurcated mess
Better, clearer, more precisely