“Some make it when they’re old
perhaps they have a soul
they’re unafraid to bare.
Perhaps there’s nothing there.”

Nina Simone song, “Stars”

With age, a soul might be bare to the world but
more likely
it, the aged person will have to bear it, in the end.
All the mistakes and failures, as
well as
the unspeakable joys and glory.
And what we leave behind
on this project called dying/living. The one that starts at birth.

it is the start of times
when greeting one another we first ask
“is it ok where you are?”
desperate times
when everywhere calamities
for those who live too low
or on a precipice of their own making.

we have all been dragged to the edge
our hearts, tender from the sad stories,
come from this grieving place
prior to any facts,
data has no meaning or use now–
it is just us surviving
and in each moment, “how is it by you?”

september 2, 2018