Some say he ended up
With everything

Some valuation of up
And the fact

He ended up with everything
I never wanted

Another valuation
I ended it, in the end.

August 26, 2016


Last night, I fell asleep in my dream
then woke up and things had changed again.
That’s hard sleeping

twice the punch from
only one night spent.

True though, it is one way when you fall
and another you wake to. You never know
what might happen.

A fine explanation for insomniacs
if you need one.

Six Poems on Remembering

h/t to Leonard D _who brought to my attention Shen Yüeh and his Six Poems on Remembering that inspired these six by me.


Clouds spell
and etch
your presence
yet such great distance
aloft, running
spelling for me


Birds call your name
each morning
beyond our hopes
our understanding
minds that flow as one


The poet you suggested
sits on my side table
considering my smallness
insignificance in this backwater
and yet, a soft hand reaches
over to calm these fears
press on, be well


In the day-to-day
a moment arrives, full of weight
a tingling of your presence
and I abide and wonder
move through the pause in time
to wait awhile longer


Preparing a meal, it comes
to me you are eating sausages
or an omelete bachelor-style
in its simplicity
wishing you could taste this
and make it somehow complete


Night falls with violence
and the gap in our existence
situates itself beside me
as I retire and sleep