so the idea of a sex bucket list
charms me for a moment
so many choices — unthought
thoughts rush in

after a Google search
finding I’ve done most of it
all overrated if making a list
of ultimates prior to death

so disappointing really
I can forego lesbian varieties
and voyeurism holds no appeal
completing the straggling few

moments missed — our animal
reproductive instincts simple
pleasures ultimately find a home in love
and trust with some interesting other.

Like the clear tone of a bird
some cannot be extinguished
by repetition ad nauseum–
No matter the skill of fireman
or cleverness put to it.

July 19, 2018

They would like to know my preference
at this point of so many options
Paris or London would be exciting, of course
Texas challenging differences
New Mexico feels like a new home
clutched in kiva’s stone
Asia, I’m not feeling at the moment
Russia, a vague redolence.

So, at long last, there is no answer
which disappoints
is not definitive in your way
an effort to define my open spirit
with logic and naming
missing the point
you dears can take it
or leave it.

June 22, 2018