He was picking up a carry out

And joking around as men do

When they are between things

Don’t know what else to do.

Stepping away he said I was next

He was up to nothing

It was then I told him

“Boys get away with everything”

He agreed, grabbing his bag

Decided it was best to leave.

…we don’t have time. The
messengers were right.
from: a poem by Seferis, “Our Sun”

…and cowards all
the women scream, though
most of them prove cowardly.

this media craft
swift traffic bent on a heartfelt phrase,

but the Sun steers
this besotted ship,
and there is no time, all

reference points evaporated.

This old house
Twenty-four by the same
Double sashes floor to ceiling
Twelve by twelve rooms
Uninhabitable by design

Perhaps a turn-of-the-century
Schoolhouse with chimney centered

Figuring some historic past
Goldfish bowl of natural light
Old wood stove to learn by.

March 3, 2018