there are few words

there are few words
these days of midwinter
and we gather our fortitude
for the next thing rising.

I never stopped missing
what we never had
but the words were some
consolation, there between.

it might all disappear
without ever
without yesterday
without you.

I often wake…

“And love is never love, that cannot give love up.” Thomas McGrath

I often wake in the middle of the night
And have to take a minute to think
If it is good to look at the clock
Or whether it would be better to not
Break that skin of reality
And know the orientation
Of the moon and stars
And if the sun is expected
In minutes or hours.

No, it is often I do not look
And can’t face the flow
And position I am in
Movement, in fact
In rearrangement of myself
From one hip to the next
More covers less
The thought that if I don’t
Look, nothing can hurt me.

Trying to remember dreams…

‘One should not annoy others with such stuff as dreams, especially since most dreams are by and large idiotic.”
Giovanni Della Casa (1503-1556)

Trying to remember dreams
They come slowly to me
This morning, cold
And Noisy with cars
Warming up, trucks going by
As if to say, “don’t be lazy”

And I assure them out loud
I’m thinking now.

One, I was waited on
By young boys
Who didn’t want tips
And one more effective than others
But all kind in some way
Generous to a fault.

Then that image of a man’s
Hairy backside,
Yes, two lovely buttocks
There so close I could touch
And all I remember is looking
but that was enough.

Consoled this time in my dream
Unusual in these solstice days.

December 11, 2014

Let’s say…

Let’s say the hummingbird
has the oldest soul
as it lightly flits
and soars around.

We can’t keep up
with its beating heart
as wings swirl on
in endless flight.

Emblazoned by chirps
and iridescent breast
it is an older thing
than all the rest.

September 15, 2014