Moon poems


The autumn moon has reminded me …

Full moon rising
As a different lighter blue
Than the slow sky dimming
From the deeps to azure
And I wonder
At its papery essence
Wavering world of another
Time, so far away that space

It looks a dream
Or ghost irregular
Unreliable phantom
That won’t be there
Even for long
As it makes its way aloft
Then seems at home
Against black less soft.

July 11, 2014

Contrails at midnight are prettier,
More delicately laid on the moonlit sky.
Not always visible by reflected ray,
But with luck—a threadlike
Rainbow in the dark.

Februrary 20, 2013

two points define a line
was easy for those
who drew pictures
in the night sky.

rather a leap that three
complete a plane,
but the point, infinitesimally small,
could translate to incredibly faint.

and the moon describes a circle
with an ellipse found within
as it waxes and wanes
its way through the months.

axioms of geometry laid out
for even early man to see
with unaided eyes
in the empty dark.

March 17, 2013

crescent moon
chasing the sun down
in the West
like lovers who
can’t quite get it together.

March 13, 2013